Food is central to our lives, our communities, and our wellbeing. Doncaster is now a Sustainable Food City and wants to promote good food experiences throughout the borough. 

What does this mean to you? All over the world there are communities working together as they understand that food can play a key role in dealing with some of the biggest issues in our lives. 

organic good food

The Sustainable Food City status means we are working together as a partnership, public sector, voluntary sector, community interest companies, charities, businesses and individuals a like with the goal of making healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where we live. 

promote good food

On an everyday level Good Food Doncaster is here to promote good food wherever that happens to be produced. We want to support people and groups whose main aim is to make a difference. No one should be denied access to fresh good food no matter how old they are, their income or where they live.  

Origins of food consumed in UK

Doncaster is blessed with an incredible amount of farmland that surrounds it. We want people to have even more awareness about who makes and grows their food and where it comes from. With 40% of our food currently coming through Europe, Brexit will test us. We are warned that additional customs checks will make it harder for food to pass so freely from abroad. Inevitably we are all expecting to pay more for our food. Do we throw up our hands and moan or do we rekindle the historic British spirit and grow our own? 

grow our own

We think that with some help, support and further information many more people can grow something to save money and increase wellbeing. If you have a balcony, a small backyard or access to an allotment or flowerbed you can grow things to supplement your diet. 

get more from the soil

As we develop and grow expect to see many more tips, trips and hacks to help all of us get more from the soil and become the sustainable food city in deed not just in name. We want to see our markets, shops, cafes, takeaways, restaurants and shops stocking more local produce. Each journey starts with a first step or a first spade full of soil. Here’s to an exciting food future for Doncaster and everyone that lives here. This is The Yorkshire Way.