Doncaster market can still be proud of its market heritage

Doncaster market is located in the South of Yorkshire town of Doncaster. It is a large and developing town. It has  a population of more than 100,000 people. While there are endless things to do in Doncaster. Visit the heart of the town and on most days of the week, you’ll see a traditional event first-hand: the aforementioned  Doncaster market.

Doncaster Market has a long history

Doncaster Market has a long history

The award-winning Doncaster market is the perfect combination of traditional market selling and a modern celebration of local produce. Local businesses, farmers, and fishermen all contribute. Not only is the market one of the finest in England, it’s also one of the oldest. Its history that dates back almost 2000 years. We are all very excited to see what the new Wool Market will offer shoppers, diners and people looking for entertainment. It’s scheduled to open in March 2019. Certainly it will be a fantastic new destination for Doncastrians and visitors too.

The Early Years of Doncaster Market

During the Roman occupation of Britain between the 1st and 5th centuries, Doncaster  was located in a key strategic point on the River Don crossing.  It was known as Danum and the Romans constructed a fort in the area, which later benefited as a key northern transport route.

Outside the walls of the fort, the Doncaster market was formed. It has stayed in the same location over the centuries. The Romans departed from Britain in the early 5th century but Doncaster market remains.

Doncaster Market in the Medieval Times

In 1194, Doncaster was granted a town charter. In 1248, the town was given the right to host markets, like many towns at the time. By this point in history, Doncaster was already a bustling town and the market was kept quite busy.

Despite some setbacks over the early years, primarily due to fire and the terrible nature of the black plague, Doncaster continued to grow. It also developed around the market. The town expanded its infrastructure to become the large and recognisable town it is today. It’s fabulous that our market is so old. We are proud of it and maybe need to shop locally more often. Post Brexit we may well be re-evaluating food availability and the market may well be even more central in our lives. This is one way we can shake off Brexit woes by buying local produce.

Doncaster Market is great for fish and seafood lovers

Doncaster Market is great for fish and seafood lovers

The Modern-Day Market

One of the largest developments of the market in Doncaster was the construction of the Corn Exchange in 19th century. The large and magnificent building was built in the middle of the existing market. Its use was split between providing space for market traders and space for grand concerts. It has undergone some modernisation over the years. However, it still bears the hallmark of its history. Check out the architecture.

Between the Corn Exchange and the outdoor Doncaster market , the total size of the  makes up around a quarter of the town centre. Today, the market is home to many individual stalls. It has retained its place in the heart of Doncaster. Often it draws in customers from all over the town and much further afield. Footfall is not what it was, however. There have been many complaints that variety has been lost. The population is waiting to see just what The Wool Market will offer when it opens its door in March 2019.

A trip to the Doncaster market today will reveal a vast range of produce for sale.

Customers can browse stalls of meat and fish, and vegetables and fruit, as well as a selection of international foods, sweets, and handmade items like clothing and jewellery. The fish is amazing and you can even drink Prosecco and champagne while enjoying some wonderful seafood too. When you want a particular cut of meat get it from our highly skilled and knowledgeable butchers. The cheese stall has some fab selections. You can buy black pudding, pork pies, hand made, prize winning sausages and much more. This is how food we should buy food!


You can experience the full historic splendour of Doncaster market first-hand on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

At the moment with the exception of Sunday, no matter what time of the week you visit, Doncaster market always has a little something to offer eager visitors. In the future expect to see extended opening hours. Check back regularly and see just what The Wool Market delivers and how it is progressing.