Good Food Doncaster is proud to announce the speakers for the Food Glorious Food Conference at CAST theatre

The conference is being organised to get people talking about the importance of food in our lives. No, this will not be a conference about diet, too much sugar or any of the usual food topics. This conference is about access to good food, what it feels like to be short of food. It’s about food policy and what is happening in Doncaster and beyond to tackle food insecurity and all that comes with that.

It’s time to start changing our relationship with food

We have brought together five people that are passionate about the power of change, social eating, urban gardening, permacultures, urban farms and food waste. These topics affect each one of us. While living in an age of increasing uncertainties it’s time to start changing our relationship with food. It is not something that will continue to just appear in front of us. We now have to be more proactive about where we get food, who is growing it, where it comes from, what happens to it, how much we waste and whether the system is a fair one.

We have seen considerable shift in diets recently

Our attitudes towards food, activity and health are now quite different and probably quite confused. We are also bombarded by media announcements about what we should be eating and other associated messages. We are told to shop better, eat less meat, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat fibre, don’t eat carbohydrates and so on. It’s confusing.

Are healthy messages about food passing by some communities?

Amidst all the hot air, campaigns, celebrity interventions and government advice there are people in Doncaster and other UK towns and cities that are struggling to eat at all. Healthy eating messages are passing them by for a number of reasons.  As these numbers increase organisations, volunteers, charities and others have galvanised themselves to make a difference. This is where the Food Glorious Food conference was born. We also thought it was great that our conference is happening on the same day Dr. Michael Moseley will be in town with his performance of Trust Fast Health that is also being held at CAST.

We want people who have a passion about food, fairness, equality, creativity and ideas

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We want them to come together to talk about what is being done and what can be done to improve Doncaster’s relationship with food. This conference is open to the public and we would like to see as many people as possible coming together to find solutions, communicate and also discover just what is being done. We believe that working together is much more beneficial than working in isolation. We really need to know what you think and how you feel about the powerful topic that is food.

We made the decision to charge £10 per ticket for the conference to cover the cost of lunch and refreshments; we hope you don’t mind All food will be locally sourced as far as possible and also healthy and energizing. If economic hardship is preventing you from attending please do let us know.

 The day will run, approximately,  as follows but may be subject to change:

Event Date: 13th March 2019

  • 9.45 Welcome and Opening Speech from Dr. Rupert Suckling Director of Public Health
  • 10.00 Vivienne Neale The role of Good Food Doncaster in promoting a positive and proactive approach to food and our role within sustainable food cities
  • 10.15 Darren Lerigo from Modern Mint Ltd topiarist and urban gardener talking about greening our urban landscapes. Darren will be taking questions
  • 10.45   Coffee
  • 11.05 Dr. Megan Blake Food waste and food deserts . Megan will be taking questions
  • 11.40 Warren Draper Bentley Urban Farm and  Permafuture Agroecology Ltd. Warren will be taking questions
  • 12.10 Seminar topics chosen by the panel
  • Lunch
  • 1.45 Marsha Smith The power of social eating. Marsha will take questions
  • 2.15 Nick Wiles Imagineer, design and change manager. How we should be asking different questions to get different results
  • 2.35 Seminars chosen by delegates
  • 3.30 refreshments
  • 3.45 -4.15 Report back on seminar findings
  • 4.20 Close

If you would like tickets for the Food Glorious Food conference please go to the CAST website We’d love to hear your opinions, ideas and suggestions.