Food Poverty and Food Insecurity

“Food poverty is worse diet, worse access, worse health, higher percentage of income on food and less choice from a restricted range of foods” – Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University


“[Food insecurity is…] …the inability to consume an adequate quality or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so”. – Elizabeth Dowler, Emeritus Professor of Food and Social Policy in the Department of Sociology, University of Warwick


Food poverty and food insecurity are issues that face people around the world. In the UK, poverty is a national problem, but is there anything we can do on a local level in Doncaster? We think so.

In December 2017, Good Food Doncaster joined the Food Power movement. Food Power, a joint project between Sustain and Church Action on Poverty, is all about people-powered changes at a local level that make a difference. Through Food Power, local groups, called food poverty alliances, are offered support to develop their alliance and start making a difference at a local level. We will also benefit from valuable experience and knowledge from other members of the network, to whom we are connected on a regional and national level. Alongside alliances from Newcastle, Middlesbrough, York and Hull, we are part of the Food Power North East Regional Learning Network.

Doncaster Food Poverty Alliance has been awarded support funding from Food Power to develop our local alliance and a food poverty strategy for Doncaster.

The alliance is open to all who want to be part of the solution to food poverty and food insecurity, whether you’re an individual or organisation.

To offer support or join our alliance, please contact us

You can read more about Food Power here

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