Food sharing could be the way forward

Have you ever wanted to take advantage of a bargain but didn’t want to buy in bulk? You know what I mean, super sized boxes of fruit and vegetables, even bags of salads that would take forever to eat. Food sharing is such a wonderful concept and at Good Food Doncaster we would love to promote it. We think Food Sharing  2019 is an exciting idea.

food sharing makes a massive difference to mental health

food sharing makes a massive difference to mental health and wellbeing

Food waste is criminal.

When you consider how much time, effort, money and resources is put into food production each one of us would do well to minimise the waste. When you consider 1 in every 3 loaves bought is wasted that is a massive amount. 1 in 6 pints of milk goes down the drain and UK families throw away around 24 meals per month. In fact UK’s 360,000 tonnes of wasted milk is as harmful as 20,000 exhaust fumes. Why? It’s because this milk has been produced by thousands of cows whose dung and urine create the equivalent of 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. All that was for nothing! Therefore we all should tackle our approach to buying and using food. This is where food sharing could come in very handy. What do you think?

How would food sharing work?

Look at the popularity of online dating or Facebook Marketplace of Ebay. People love to swap, buy, sell and share online. Why can’t we set up a food share scheme that works in a local community?  Lots of people shop alone and live alone too. What fun is in that? What if we could organise shopping trips where everyone chips in and uses on car or uses the bus.  Some planning could happen in advance to enable shopping in bulk. Food sharing could then extend to cooking and eating together perhaps.  we all know loneliness is detrimental to health and what better than to share food with friends and strangers who are really friends you are yet to meet!

How could you start food sharing?

Look at it this way, many people love to bake, make jams and chutneys but  it’s never worth the time and effort for one person.  What if small groups bought the ingredients then one person made the preserves and shared between the group. How good would that be? In the past neighbours used to share a lot but now many front doors remain stubbornly shut and often that is an opportunity missed. Setting up community shopping, cooking and eating could have a huge impact on the health and well being of places that have become isolating and unexciting places to meet. If we started small we could put food sharing back on the menu.

Don't eat alone find someone to food share with

Don’t eat alone find someone to food share with

How to set up a food sharing scheme in your community

Technology can help you reach out to people in your community quite easily. If you prefer you could put a notice up in the corner shop or other places where people might see it. You could set up a Facebook or Whatsapp Group and see who joins. It might be worth sending around an A5 flyer about the aims and objectives of food sharing and the benefits it might generate for individuals and the community in general. There is no one way of going about this idea. In fact the more creative you can be the better. The aim is to socialise, save money and combat food waste and using surplus food.

We’d be very interested to hear your views and your top waste reducing tips. How might you start sharing food in 2019? Do let us know.

An expert in this field is The Real Junk Food Project. It has  just opened up a new cafe in Cleveland St. Also The Jam Horse is champion local food user. Check them out. If you want to know what supermarkets are doing to tackle food waste read more right here.

Good Food Doncaster

We are planning a big food event at CAST Theatre in March. We hope that movers and shakes and those with an interest in food poverty, food insecurity, food waste and good food will join together. We are currently looking for key note speakers and also seminar group leaders. If this is something that might appeal or if you know anyone who might be interested to attend do let them know.  We are also looking for stall holders that champion repurposing food surplus, local food producers and suppliers, caterers and groups interested in improving the quality of food in Doncaster do get in touch here.

We would love to hear from you as we are doing our best to collaborate and join up the dots. There is so much more we can do and we’d be so interested to hear other points of view so please do let us know what you are doing, what obstacles are in your way, what would make a difference and how we might collaborate. There is a massive amount of work, talking, arranging, building and developing to do. However, we do know that a number of organisations are really making a massive difference in Doncaster when it comes to food.  If you would like to become involved in one way or another do let us know; we really are open to creative suggestions when it comes to making the very best of the abundant things we have in the Doncaster region. Bring it on!