Can we live on veg alone?
Can we live on wonky veg alone? Is it time to end food waste?

Good Food Doncaster is excited to announce that Social Eating Advocate Marsha Smith is coming to town. Now is the time to end food waste and food insecurity.

Marsha Smith will be presenting a keynote speech at the Food Glorious Food event to be held at CAST theatre, Doncaster on the 13th March 2019.

Isn’t it time we shared food more fairly and ended food waste

Marsha Smith is an advocate of ending food waste
Marsha Smith is an advocate of ending food waste

You might say that Marsha puts her money where her mouth as she runs a Super Kitchen. This is a social eating service based in Nottinghamshire. The food she uses to cook for almost 2000 people comes her way through FareShare. If you are not familiar with FareShare it takes surplus food from supermarkets and repurposes it. They actually make it much easier for companies to redirect surplus food to the right people and places.

Supermarkets reject food for a number of reasons and create food waste

At times it can be as simple as incorrect labeling or surplus or because vegetables are wonky for example.. Marsha ensure this food is transformed into home cooked style meals for people who need them. In an age where more people are visiting food banks, experiencing food deserts and food insecurity this is valuable work.

The irony is workless households are increasing  alongside food waste

Some children are experiencing hunger in 2019. At the same time, however, 400 000 tonnes of UK food, that is totally edible is being wasted. So how is food poverty increasing when there is actually a surplus? This is the question Marsha Smith wants answered. She believes that what is requires is a more effective food distribution system. She is afraid that food banks simply exacerbate need. What is required is a more empowered, independent approach where people can believe, share and utilise what’s available.

Most of all we should look again at our food waste practices

People will support such innovation. Those who can pay want to pay when they know their efforts will make a difference. What Marsha is doing puts inclusivity at its heart and is a model that can be developed further in Doncaster. Social eating is vanishing. Good Food Doncaster blogged about the disappearance of dining tables and our love of eating ‘on the run’ is destroying an important aspect of our food culture. Breaking bread together is a basic human need. We think with the re development of Doncaster’s Wool Market and some of the more progressive food outlets such as The Real Junk Food Project across the town we might see more of this. There are policies in place to reduce food waste but more should be done.

Marsha believes that working in silos is something we should all attempt to eliminate

Farmers and other growers, ‘cook and eat’ places, school and prison allotment style initiatives and other should be united to create a resilient brand. It is time to get people and providers together to create more urban resilience.  Together we can recue food waste significantly. When people come together, regardless of background she feels a robust and adaptable society can be created. “Without social spaces for people, the atomisation and fragmentation of society builds. She firmly believes revolutions can be started around a dining table.”

What happens when hunger is on the menu?

When food access and food waste, hunger and uncertainty are on the menu in a practical and political ways isn’t it time we took some long term measures? Surely we should put a stop to waste, do our level best to reduce hunger and start eating together once again. What do you think?

CAST theatre Doncaster
CAST theatre is host to Food Glorious Food conference on the 13th March 2019

Come to Food Glorious Food on the 13th March 2019

If you want to hear Marsha and others speak about these important and topical questions do come along to Food Glorious Food that is happening at CAST theatre on the 13th March 2019. Tickets are only £10 for the whole day and include lunch and refreshments. Don’t miss out on this exciting development in Doncaster.

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