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Keep the kids fed with a hearty breakfast start. It doesn’t have to cost the earth

Keeping the kids fed during the school holidays takes some imagination and hacks.For something that only comes around a few times a year, school holidays certainly manage to bring along their fair share of problems. For example:

  • how to keep the kids entertained,
  • what to do if it rains,
  • and importantly… what to feed the kids?

However, finding creative ideas for meals three times a day during the school holidays can feel like an impossible task, especially on a budget. Thankfully, with a little creative thinking, you can achieve empty plates without emptying out your bank at the same time.

So, here’s how to keep the kids fed on a budget for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time…

Keep the kids fed with seasonal fruits

Keep the kids fed with seasonal fruits

Keep Things Classic with a Warm Breakfast

When it comes to planning a low-cost breakfast, there are few breakfast options that are more budget-friendly than porridge. Of course, not every child is going to be overjoyed by the prospect of porridge in the morning. Sometimes not once, let alone on a regular basis.

Therefore, this is where a special porridge ingredient comes into play: toppings. A simple yet incredibly filling base of porridge can be made considerably more appealing by the offer of a range of toppings. You can jazz-up a humble bowl of porridge in near endless ways, such as with:

  • Chocolate Chips
  • Bananas
  • Honey
  • Fruit Coulis
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Spread
  • Berries

For a budget-breakfast to impress, find some porridge topping recipes that you know your kids will love. Then turn breakfast time into an exciting start to the day. Supermarkets do great deals on frozen red berries that can be used in many great ways and there’s no waste. These means they are available at any time. A great dessert is sugar free jelly with frozen fruit added when the jelly crystals have dissolved. It has both a sweet and tangy taste and you can experiment with different flavours of jelly and all kinds of fruit.

Buy in Bulk for a Lunchtime Treat to keep the kids fed.

It’s very easily to blow a budget at lunchtime, especially if you’re trying to offer up something different to the standard sandwich and snack. The good news is, there’s an easy way to get creative without worrying about your budget . The unusual solution? A bento box! Or if you like, a box with little dividers inside.

Bento boxes have grown in popularity in recent years. They make for a wonderful lunchtime treat for children of all ages. Today’s bento boxes feature small compartments. This is where you can pack single portions of food, which is great when you’re on a budget as it allows you to easily buy in bulk.

Also, buying lunch snacks, like nuts, yogurt, and fruit can be very expensive. However, large containers are often a lot cheaper. By utilising the compartments in a bento box, you can provide a well-rounded lunch. This happens  without having to buy everything in single-serving sizes. Put a peg on a bag of nuts and it will stay fresh. This will definitely help keep the kids fed.

Get Everyone Involved with a Make-Your-Own Dinner

It’s well-known that involving your children in meal preparation is a great way to get them to eat more food, and more of the right kinds of food. Make-your-own dinners are great fun. They can also be  very easily tailored to make the meals low-cost.

Buying ready-made pizza bases and getting the kids to add their own toppings is a fun and affordable alternative to ordering in. The same concept can be used for multiple types of meal. For example,  like build-your-own burgers, and design-your-own tray bake meals.

Don’t Skimp on the Snacks!

To conclude, kids seem to have endless energy in the school holidays.  To keep the kids fed you’ll have to face the reality of what to do for snacks pretty early on. Snacks can quickly add up in price. But, in the same way as you can get kids involved in low-cost dinners, you can get them to cook up their own affordable snacks.

Lastly, try frozen yogurt lollies, cupcakes, cookies, yogurt-dipped fruit. There are endless ways that you can get your kids safely active in the kitchen. This is also a very low-cost daytime activity on a rainy day!

Finally, feeding  your kids during the holidays can feel like a nightmare. Yet, if you can afford to buy in bulk and also getting the kids stuck in, you can conquer the challenge and save some money at the same time.

What’s your top tip to keep your kids fed during the holidays? We’d love to know. We are also looking for other contributors for this blog. It would be great to read other perspectives form people who are interested in food within the Doncaster area and beyond. We are living in interesting times with lots of potential challenges and opportunities ahead of us and we’d really like to know what you are doing about food in your household or business. Do contact us if you have an idea for a blog or would like to be featured in some way.