Sugar and Cannabis both “drugs” that do harm

This morning I heard that cannabis could contribute 3.5 billion to the Exchequer if it was legalised and also save money on policing. Interesting, I thought. The critics said it would normalise cannabis amongst young people and was not a good idea. I was wondering what practical impact that would have.

Sugar is killing us isn't it?

Sugar is killing us softly isn’t it?

However, it’s sugar that I consider to be a drug that is really causing damage to everyone in the UK. I think our kids are also storing up significant health problems for the future. We seem to be sleepwalking into a problem situation and nothing tangible is being done.

I know it’s dead easy to keep banging no about sugar

We all get mightily bored of hearing the same messages. People talk about the “nanny state” etc. and I get all of that. Yet, however much we kick and scream about the health messages the person it affects most when it comes to decision making is our own body. We can be bloody minded and say ‘I’ll smoke, drink and eat what I like thank you.” Wonderful. But who picks up the pieces when the body succumbs to the abuse? How do we end up feeling?

I’ve heard people say they’d rather live fast and die young

We are reduced by sugar at every turn

We are reduced by sugar at every turn

It’s a perspective but often that isn’t what happens. My father had that attitude and used to cut butter to resemble cheese and cover his bread as if he was laying tiles. He died of cardiac arrest at 50. My mother no the other hand refused to deal with her Type 2 diabetes and loved sugar. She died in her 70s having suffered very bad health over a number of years.

A quick death isn’t what we all get – how depressing!

I think that’s what I mean. I may not die of excess sugar immediately but I may linger on with chronic health problems that make my life a misery. I am bored by having to watch my sugar intake to lower blood sugar levels. I have been doing it since March and sometimes I stand at the fridge and wonder if I can face another spinach, kale or broccoli meal.

Can we live on veg alone?

Can we live on veg alone?

I don’t crave sweet things ironically

But what I want to say is that my personal fight against excess sugar is really difficult and not for the reasons you are probably thinking. I am happy to go sugarless and I have lost my taste for biscuits, chocolate, sweets and cake. I don’t crave them anymore. Yet what really does bug me is the sugar in everything. I bought a pot of protein yoghurt this morning. I checked the back and it said 6.2 g of sugar per 100g. I was in a hurry and thought that was higher than I would like but passable. When I was half way through and read the ingredients further my 200g pot (didn’t check that) had more than 12g of sugar! It goes on and on. The ingredients are printed so small and it’s so time consuming to keep checking. Why does it have to have any sugar in at all, it’s a bloody yoghurt?

We have to stop eating more sugar to compensate for low fat and lower salt

I have given up all processed food. I cook from scratch. I avoid rice, pasta, bread as much as possible. Going shopping and going out is a nightmare. Sugar is ruining the nation’s health and manufacturers need to help us. We need to help ourselves. We have to stop eating more sugar to compensate for low fat and lower salt. We need to shout loudly to the manufacturers that should be acting now! Why has “no sugar” Fanta Orange got sugar in it? What’s that about?

Maybe I should take up cannabis instead; it might be the solution I’ve been looking for! That was ironic, before you ask!

What is your experience about cutting down or cutting sugar? Do you feel the same or have you managed to cope better than me? I’d love to know your top tips etc. Do let us know