Sustainable Food Cities

In December 2017, Good Food Doncaster became the 50th member of the Sustainable Food Cities network.

What is a Sustainable Food City?


The short answer is that it’s a place where food is used as the organising theme behind positive change – this could be social change, health change, environmental change, cultural change or economic change.

Here’s what the Sustainable Food Cities team says:


“Across the globe, communities at every scale have recognised the key role food can play in dealing with some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges and are taking a joined up approach to transforming their food culture and food system.”


From obesity and diet-related ill-health to food poverty and waste, climate change and biodiversity loss to declining prosperity and social dislocation, food is not only at the heart of some of our greatest problems but is also a vital part of the solution.

The Sustainable Food Cities approach involves developing a cross-sector partnership of local public agencies, businesses, academics and NGOs committed to working together to make healthy and sustainable food a defining characteristic of where they live.

The Sustainable Food Cities Network helps people and places share challenges, explore practical solutions and develop best practice on key food issues”. (from


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